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1974 visitas.

Special Baskets II

More creative baskets specially created. (2/22/2006)


All the baskets can be shipped via post office, normal o fast service. (you pay for this service, Shipping and Handling is not included)



Golden glow

Price: $65.00 USD.


Glittering gold basket contains all she needs for relaxing bath- lotion, gel, soap, candle, frame, and chocolates.


Gourmet trunk

Price: $60.00 USD. (Medium), $130.00 USD. (Large)


An elegant keepsake trunk is filled with an assortment of gourmet goodies : smoked salmon, pate, wine, biscuits, chesse, champagne mustard, nuts and chocolate.


Pasta pasta

Price: $40.00 USD.


A wicker basket od filled with all the ingredients for a delicious pasta meal: gourmet marinara sauce, handmade pasta, olive oil, coffee and biscotti.


Pretty in pink

Price: $60.00 USD.


A collection of quality bath items- including soothing lotion, relaxing gel, candle, frame, bath grains, and chocolates.


RX for Doctors day

Price: $30.00 USD. (Small), $60.00 USD. (Large)


This delightful doctors bag boxis filled with treats sure to please: chesse, crackers, nuts, cookies, candy and pretzels.


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