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Brenda's Quinceaños

Quinceañera Brenda Zuñiga Celebrated in Mission, Texas. (10/25/2008)


Last October 25th, Ms. & Mr. Zuñiga invited us to


Brenda's Sweet Fifteen


Celebrated in Mission, Texas.
Quinceañera Brenda


The Cake


Dreams in Baby Blue


The cake selected for the celebration was "Dreams in Baby Blue"


Cake Dreams in baby blue Cake dreams


Cake Details:


Cake Detail Cake detail Cake Detail


Favors and Decorations:


Favors and Decorations


Favors and Decorations Favors and Decorations Favors and Decorations
Favors and Decorations Quinceanera Chair Quinceañera Bouquet


Hall Decoration:


Hall Decoration


Hall Decoration Hall Decoration Hall Decoration


Quinceañera's Pictures:





About The Quinceañera or Quinceaños:


It's a young woman's celebration of her fifteenth birthday, which is commemorated in a unique and different way from her other birthdays. The celebration is a festive gathering with relatives and friends. Sometimes a church mass is celebrated in honor of the birthday girl. The "Quinceaños" celebration to the Mexicans, marks the transition from girlhood to womanhood. The girl's court is sometimes made up of all girls (Las damas) or all boys, although it is not mandatory to have a court. The Quinceañerañs partner for the night, is referred to as the "Chambelan". In some traditions the so-called "Quinceañera" has godparents to pay for certain things, like the dress, cake, music, limousines, church, flowers and decorations, etc.



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