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Halloween Decorations: Ghost

DIY projects for Halloween, Make your own Ghost. A cheap an easy project. Two projects sent by readers included.(10/30/2008)


Ghost for Halloween An easy-to-make Halloween decoration.


Before starting this project, you should know any project is dangerous when is done in any unsafe way. So this is for educational purposes only. Please read the disclaimer at the Main page.



Materials Bill of materials:


  • A white foam ball. You can also make a ball with tissue paper.
  • One piece of white gift-wrap tissue paper.
  • A pipe cleaner, Any color is ok. You can use a piece of yarn.
  • Black marker.




    First, Wrap the ball with the tissue paper as the picture shows:


    Wrap it Ready


    Tie the tissue paper with the pipe cleaner or any other material available.


    Tie with a bow


    Draw the eyes and the mouth.


    Draw eyes and mouth


    And yout Ghost is ready! So simple, isn't?


    Projects sent by Readers: Thanks Emy!


    Emy sent two DIY projects for Halloween:


    Balloon spider

    Balloon Spider.


    A white balloon inflated about 50%, twited one side and drew the spider's nose, eyes and mouth.


    Using tape, I fixed two pipe-cleaners on each side. I left the spider in the front yard, the wind makes it to "walk" around.



    Happy Witch


    I drew a face in a white balloon, using some bond paper, I made a cone and wrapped with a plastic bag for the hat. The body and hair are also made with black plastic from a trash bag.


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