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How To Decorate a Fan Doll.

Fan dolls, another version of the "Last Doll" for the Quinceañera. (3/9/06)


Quinceañera Fan Dolls Fan Burgandy.


Materials needed:


* 1 wire fan or one made of material.
* Tulle of the color of you choice.
* Lace the same color of the tulle.
* Pearls same as the lace.
* Glue gun & glue sticks.


If you have a wire fan, be sure that is all with and clean.


1. You have you put the tulle on the front of the fan, put the fan on a flat surface, then put the tulle on top.


2. With the glue gun (hot) put glue all over the wires and the tulle and the tulle that runs out of the fan, cut it with scissors. Try to put the glue in a way doesn't look to tick.


3. Start to put the lace (look at the picture) from the end of the fan work slow and steady. Don't burn yourself.


4. When you finish the lace, start with the pearls right on top of the seem of the lace and work slow, this one has to be straight, and the glue not too tick.


Quinceañera Fan Dolls Purple Fan.

For the lace fan:


This one is more easy, just add the pearls around attach them with the glue and set the fan in a foam base.


I Hope you enjoy doing this project.




Trishia_doll.jpg Quinceañera Fan Dolls Trishia's Doll.


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