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How to Make a Gift Basket.

A Gift Basket is a very special present, you can make your own basket for any event.


basket1-59.99.JPG How to make your gift basket.

Materials needed:

1 basket. (Any size)
1 Medium plastic bag.
  News paper.
  Tissue paper. (color you like)
  Shredded paper. (color of the tissue)
  Ribbon. (or buy a bow already made.)
1 Big gift.
2 Medium.
5 Small.
  Box of chocolates.
2 Boxes of cookies.
  Shish kebabs. (about 20)
  Wide clear tape.
  Cellophane paper. (clear)




1. Fill the plastic bag with paper.


2. Put the bag inside of the basket and cover it with tissue paper. (It need to be tight)


3. Add some of the shredded paper.


4. Remove the price of the presents and cookies (Very important!)


5. On the back of the gifts and cookies, place one stick and secure it with tape. (from the half down place the stick and about the same size leave it out.) The point stick down, if you need to cut it ...cut it, don't be afraid.


6. The free stick is for tick it inside the basket and secure the gift.


After you got all that...


7. Place the big gift on the middle of the basket, then the medium size on the side.


8. You might need to move the gifts around but is easy, You may find it very easy.


9. When you finish to place all gifts, cover the stick on the back placing more shredded paper.


10. Place the cellophane paper around and on top of the basket. Wrap it tight and add the bow.


You are done !


Remember to enjoy it before giving it away.


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