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How To Decorate a Doll

Here is the instructions to decorate a Doll for the Quinceañera or Sweet sixteen. (3/9/2005)


White Doll for sweet sixteen or quinceaños.

Materiales Needed:


* Buy a small doll with a small dress.
* Buy 10 yards of lace (Color of you choice).
* 1 bottle of fabric glue.
* 20 small flowers (your choice of flowers).
* Pearls of the same color of the flowers.
* Some medium size flowers (for the doll hands).
* Stand for the doll.


This is for the dolls for the sweet 15 or 16 girls.


1. The easy way is to buy a small doll with a white dress.
2. You can add the lace at the bottom of the dress and the pearls right at the edge of the lace.
3. The small flowers can go right in front of the dress and on the skirt scared around the dress.
4. The medium flowers put them on the right hand of the doll.
5. Add small flowers on the head of the doll.


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