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Baby and Kids Baskets

The ideal gift for Kids and Babies (2/22/2006)


All the baskets can be shipped via post office, normal o fast service. (you pay for this service, Shipping and Handling is not included)


Baby cakes

Price: $50.00 USD.


Our delightful "baby care" features a base of disposable babay diapers, topped with plush animal, lotion, lotion, shanpoo, treats for mom and dad, along with other baby essentials. A novel way to welcome the new baby.


Baby toys

Price: $55.00 USD.


Charming colorful toy shopping cart is the perfect gift- filled with baby powder, lotion, Q-tips, plush animal, baby wipes, book and lots of additional baby necessities!


Sunshine kid

Price: $50.00 USD.


This charming hat box has lots of treats for birthday, get well or just because :plush sunshine kid, colors, coloring book, bubbles and other things.


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