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Holiday and Party Baskets.

Need a Gift for Holidays, Birthdays or any other special occasion? Here is the ideal gift basket. (2/22/2006)


All the baskets can be shipped via post office, normal o fast service. (you pay for this service, Shipping and Handling is not included)


Christmas ornaments

Price: $50.00 USD.


Brightly colored ornaments dress this box filled with gourmet silver snack mix, stoned wheat crackers, chesse, mustard, sliced sausage, nuts, christmas pop corn, peppermint puffs and coffee.


Convention gifts

Price: $20.00 USD. (Small), $25.00 USD. (Large)


Southwest graphics cover this charming gable box filled with trats for you convention guests. Small box of tortilla chips, black bean salsa, spicy peanuts and alamo crackers.


Happy birthday

price: $35.00 USD. (Small), $45.00 USD. (Medium), $55.00 USD. (Large)


Our colorful wicker basket sends birthday greetings with splash! Celebrate snack mix, birthday bubbles, cookies, candy, chesse and crackers, topped off with party horns and clorful bow.



Price: $50.00 USD.


Send a party ready to happend with this delightful gift-a tub of margarita mix is topped with crispy tortila chips, salsa, fiesta snack mix, 2 plastic margarita glasses, spicy peanuts and pralines. All you need to add is the tequila!



Price: $25.00 USD. (Small), $45.00 USD. (Medium), $55.00 USD. (Large)


Charming basket holds noel snack, snowman popcorn, cookies, nuts, pretzels and cocoa.


Pop corn

Price: $25.00 USD. (Small), $35.00 USD. (Medium), $50.00 USD. (Large) Microwave popcorn filled with cookies and movie candy. Trimmed with ribbons and bow. includes blockbuster gift certificate.


Taste of the holiday

Price: $60.00 USD. (Medium), $110.00 USD. (Large)


Red wicker basket filled with nick's mix, chesse, crackets, candy, nuts,pretzels, cocoa, sour balls, mint sticks and pop corn.


Traditional chistmas

Price: $90.00 USD. Lovely wicker basket contains snowman, cocoa, peanuts, pepper mints puffs, chesse sticks, coffee, peanuts, snowman sourballs, chesse crackers, caramel pop corn, pecan pie and cookies.


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