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Bouquets: Symbol of pride.

Bouquets are symbol of pride for the Bride, Sweet sixteen and the Quinceañera.


Bouquets have to be beautiful and nice, because when the girl or the bride walks the aisle in church or in the hall everybody look at her. Obviously, she wants to look nice.


Some Ladies like all white, others like it with colors or fresh flowers.


The brides have 2 bouquets; one to keep and another one to trow. The Sweet fifteen and Sweet Sixteen have only one.


The girls Here in USA and Mexico keep the bouquet, but in Perú the girls throw the bouquet at the boys. is interesting how each Country has his own traditions.



Bo1-149.99.JPG Bouquet 1.

Bouquet 1.


Price: $ 149.99



Bo2-69.99.JPG Bouquet 2.

Bouquet 2.


Price: $ 69.99


Bo3-249.00.JPG Bouquet 3.

Bouquet 3.


Price: $ 249.00


Bo4-249.99.JPG Bouquet 4.

Bouquet 4.


Price: $ 249.99


Bo5_249.99.JPG Bouquet 5.

Bouquet 5.


Price: $ 249.99


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