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Baby Shower crafts I.

Fifteen crafts ideal for Baby Showers. (3/10/2006)


Baby shower basket

This basket has all the party favor including her corsage.
The flowers in the corsage are baby socks and has lots of ribbons.
The party favors are different pins, bibs, pacifiers, cribs, hearts, baby bottle, all are decorate with lace and pearls.
This basket can be made in Pink, Blue, Yellow or the 3 colors together.


Baby shower favor


This heart is a pin and is Pink, has lace, pearls, stork, baby shower letters.


Baby shower center piece.

This delightful center piece has a baby sleep, half moon, ribbon, pearls and lace.
All together looks so beautiful can be made in Pink, Blue, Yellow or all 3 colors.


Baby shower center piece

simple clear circle and lace can made this center piece plus a clear base baby, lace, pearls, bow.


Baby shower center piece boy.

A clear circle with some lace and pearls plus the baby,base,bow.
can be made in Pink, Blue, Yellow or all 3 colors


Baby shower center piece boy or girls.

This colorful center piece has all colors baby use.
Is simple but as you can see lots of tulle ribbon, and lace.
Add baby items and will looks very nice



Baby corsage girl

Baby socks are the flower for this corsages. Lots of ribbon with decorations making bows, and all together.
We have the corsage can be made in Pink, Blue, Yellow or all 3 colors


Baby corsage Pink.

Baby socks made as a flowers and put them together as you see here, we have a nice corsage.
Lots of ribbon all together make a nice corsage


Baby Corsage Pink and Blue.

Flowers and ribbon is another way to make a corsage is always nice to use lots of ribbon.
I add little bottles, bibs, shoes and you have a nice corsage


Baby shower favor Pink bag.

This bag can be made in any color a flower and stamp is add.



Baby shower favor baby pouch.

This one is made of material, add some lace,baby and a flower.
You can add colors or one single color


Baby shower favor basket.

white,pink,blue or yellow some pearls and a small baby


Baby shower favor bear.

A clear small plate some lace and color you choose and some pearls


Baby shower favor bed.

This bed has a baby, lace, color, pearls and can be made of any color


Baby shower favor bib.

Bibs are some of the favor that is choose a lot.
It can be made in Pink, Blue or yellow


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