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Lavender hall

A lavender decoration for a Quinceañera event. (2/25/2006)




There are many different types of arches, we can decorate them with flowers, tulle, ribbons or combine all of that and color.





The center of attention is always the cake and girls or brides want a very nice cake.


The table for the cake can be decorated in so many ways, also using fresh flowers too. You can leave the champagne cups for the party.




Center piece for the main table.


This piece of flowers can be made of silk flowers or fresh flowers and can be made in so many colors.




Flowers for the party.


This quincea�era choose to gave this flowers to her party, this flowers are made of glass but you can gave fresh flowers too.




Entrance to the hall.

Here is where you can put the signing book and her picture. Try to have the book.




The Quinceañera.

Arlette; the quinceañera.






When you choose a hall, try to see location, cleanness, if they provide security and a nice and clean kitchen.


When you decorate the hall try to leave space between the tables for people to walk freely.




Main Table Detail.


The main table is very important too. Do not try to put the center piece right at the front of the table.


You can decorate in any color and use silk flowers or fresh flowers. As you can see, the flowers are so nice and the soft colors is so nice. Flowers are so important. Use always fresh flowers, use a lots of it. It can be arranged in many different ways


The table cloth can be in any color.




The Main Table.


As you can see; all the flowers, the colors and the decorations on the chairs are nice. The tulle and the lights make them look so nice and the flowers on the corners can be made of silk or fresh flowers.




The Last Doll.

The last doll for the girl is important in Latin culture, It symbolize that she is no longer a little girl and she became a young lady.




Table Ornament.


This tree is made of silk flowers but can also with fresh flowers and choose any color that you want.




The Guestbook.

The signing book can be put right over the table or in a pedestal or like this picture, inside of the carriage and decorate the carriage in the colors that you want.





The Tables.


The tables are so important when decorating the halls. This is example of that. Colors and flowers are so important. Also, You can see the center pieces.



Cinderella Castle.


This was the center pieces for this quinceañera. The castle, the doll and the shoe; all the dream comes true.




Wishing Well.


This is used by the guests to put they cards with their well wishes.


It can be made of so many different ways. You can use silk and fresh flowes. Ribbons, lots of ribbons, and flowers are very important to use. Don't be afraid of use your imagination and have fun with you party.


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